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Give your plants the protection they need to thrive, no matter the weather.

Even if you lovingly care for your plants throughout the year, giving them water, sunlight, and nutrient-rich soil, cold temperatures can quickly lay waste to your hard work. To ensure your plants enjoy as long a growing season as possible, it's important to protect them as best you can against frosts and cooler temperatures. Plant blankets and frost covers are designed to do just that, while still being breathable enough to allow for ventilation. Plus, if used correctly, they can also be effective at preventing insect damage and deterring rabbits or deer that see your plants as a morning snack.

Plant blankets are usually available in a range of sizes, so if you don’t see the dimensions you want in our coverage, it should be easy to select an alternative size.

When choosing a plant cover or blanket, make sure you’re selecting the proper style for your specific plants. For rows of plants, like garden vegetables, it’s probably smart to go with a long blanket-style cover, which can be easily unrolled over the entire row. (Depending on the plant, as well as the weight of the cover, you may still need to use wire or wood framing to support it above the plants.)

If you’re covering a taller plant, like a fruit tree or bush, go with a jacket-style cover. These are pulled over the plant and zipped up like a jacket, and usually cinch at the bottom with a drawstring. If your plants are especially small, you might want to consider a plastic dome cover. For larger trees, go with a wrap cover that will protect the vulnerable trunk, leaving the top of the plant exposed.

During my time as a professional landscaper, I was sometimes tasked with covering and prepping trees and plants for the winter months, a job that required the use of a variety of covers and blankets. I called upon this experience when assembling the options for this list, and made sure to include a wide variety of styles, sizes, and materials. Reputable online review sites were consulted as well, ensuring that no popular or highly-rated products or updated models were missed. Pricing was in mind as well, so regardless of your personal budget, you should find what you need to keep your plants safe.

If you’re just looking for a basic blanket that can be quickly and easily draped over plant beds or gardens, the Planket could be a great choice. It doesn’t cost much, and the 10 X 20-foot size should prove a decent amount of coverage.

If you want to ensure that it won’t blow away or shift in the night, it features 14 metal grommets that allow you to secure it to the ground with stakes, although those aren’t included. This blanket folds up easily when you’re finished using it, and it won’t take up much storage space, either.

This 0.74-ounce blanket is ideal for those looking for a light-duty plant cover to use somewhere that doesn't get particularly cold or windy. This frost blanket's light weight makes it simple to work with, easy to cut, and safe to use with delicate plants that you don’t want to be crushed.

Its 10 by 30–foot size is big enough to cover long rows, and it's great for doubling up if you want a bit more protection. In addition to providing frost protection, this cover is also suitable for deterring insects, but still allows enough sunlight to stream through.

These plant jackets are designed to provide a tight and secure seal around smaller trees and shrubbery, combining a zippered closure with a drawstring to cinch around the base of the plant. This design makes these covers both easy to use and safe for buds and other fragile plants that could be damaged by being wrapped in blankets and twine. They’re also quite thick, making them well-suited for harsh environments.

This kit also includes a pair of reusable, waterproof gardening gloves, which is always a nice perk.

If you have small bushes that need protection against frost or low temperatures, this three-pack of Blue_Stone covers could be a great choice. They’re fairly easy to use, too: You simply pull the cover over the top of a bush, then use the drawstring to tighten up the neck of the bag around the base.

Even though these bags are permeable enough for air and sunlight to pass through, they’re also sturdy enough to offer some protection against nosy animals and harmful insects. Plus, they’re cheaper than most similar options, so you might want to grab a few extras if you're frost-proofing a larger space.

Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you have to miss out on the benefits of dedicated plant covers. This pair of low-cost covers will protect smaller plants and bushes from frost, wind, and snow, and are much easier to use than old-fashioned burlap and string. At 1.85 ounces per square yard, these covers are thicker than most frost covers, making them useful for those looking for maximum protection.

The adjustable drawstrings ensure that you won’t lose the covers in the event of extremely windy conditions, and their tan color allows them to blend in with your yard better than stark white fabric would.

Those living in extremely harsh winter climates might prefer the extra protection that comes from this 12-ounce burlap cover. This hardy material is also useful for creating windscreens—you’ll just need some sturdy stakes to keep it in place.

Unless you’re using it to wrap sturdy bushes and trees, you’ll probably need to build some kind of framing to keep this heavy material from potentially damaging your plants, so keep that in mind when calculating the total cost of your project.

This plant blanket won’t provide the sunlight permeability that thinner fabrics offer, but if your priority is maximum protection against the elements, this is a great choice.

This breathable wrap is specifically designed for tree trunks, and should protect them against cold temperatures as well as high heat that can scorch or damage their bark.

This set includes a pair of 65-foot x 5-inch rolls—covering about 130 feet in total—so you shouldn’t have a problem protecting a large outdoor space or multiple plants. This frost blanket is also an effective insect repellent, keeping bugs out while still allowing air and moisture to pass through.

Its thick material also makes it a good choice for those who want to protect their trees against deer antlers, although it’s probably not durable enough to stand up to frequent abuse.

If you’d like to maintain visibility while keeping your plants covered, these reusable plastic domes could be a great option. Their 10-inch height is ideal for a range of smaller plants and, thanks to a rotating vent, you can easily control the air and water circulation inside them.

Better yet, they won’t put any additional pressure on branches and buds like fabrics can sometimes do, making them ideal for more delicate plants. They’re held securely in place by the included metal stakes, ensuring that they won’t blow away in windy conditions, or become knocked over by nosy animals. The included label markers are a nice perk, as well.